Even though that game pissed me off sometimes…
#1 in the Division (10-3)

#3 in the League (after the Titans (12-1) and Giants (11-2))

3 must win games left… who’s happy? ME!!!!

Ravens, Titans, Browns… we’re coming for ya

 STEELERS ALL DAY!!! Who could ask for anything more?

Charlie Brown being tricked by Lucy once again

So I’m sitting here on facebook adding more pieces of flair (as if I need more) and I decide to look up the ones called inspiration. I come across this button of Lucy and Charlie Brown from the Peanuts… Lucy is holding the football and Charlie Brown… poor Charlie, is standing behind it as if ready to kick it… The inspirational message was Never, ever, ever give up… Now when first looking @ this button (especially if you don’t know the history behind it, though I couldn’t imagine anyone not knowing about Snoopy and the Peanuts…) one could say “Aww that’s nice… I need to remember to keep trying things I can’t do…” After thinking about it for a while though, I thought about 2 different views and perspectives of the situation. (more…)