So I have been motivated to get back to my exercising and going back to for my daily workout routines and eating plan…

I know I need to face the fact that I used food for comfort and that I have bad sleeping habits…

So today begins my journey… well really Monday 🙂 but I’ll put my stats here today…

Goal Weight: 145lbs (The healthy non-overweight place I am supposed to be @)
Goal Waist: 25 in
Goal Hips: 35 in

Starting Weight 7.5.08: 248.6 lbs
Starting Waist 7.5.08: 43 in
Starting Hips 7.5.08: 50 in

SUN, TUE, THU, SAT 45 min/day
Billy Blanks Taebo Dvds
Crunchless Abs Dvds

Strength Training: MON, WED, FRI
Crunchless Abs Dvds
Modified Plank 2 Sets
Crunches 2 Sets 12-15
Triceps Dips with Bent Knees 2 Sets 12-15
Single Leg Squats with Chair 2 Sets 12-15
Lying Abduction 2 Sets 12-15

I’ll be logging everything on SparkPeople

5 Responses to “Health Challenge”

  1. brainteaser Says:

    It’s good you blogged about it, Ashley!

    Knowing others have read your goal helps to keep you focused.

    Good luck, friendster!

  2. Ashley Says:

    Yeah… I’m not doing so good… going up instead of down not really exercising like I should… or sleeping right yet but its a process…

  3. I’m excited you are concerned about your health. Maybe you should start smaller. You certainly set a high intensity workout plan. Would it be more helpful to start with exercising for 15 min a day 3 days a week, and then work your way up?

  4. Ashley Says:

    Its not as much as it seems… and depending on what I do it won’t burn alot of calories… I didn’t really set the workout plan the website did… and it worked for me in the past I just stopped… I hadn’t been doing it as of late cuz I was always too tired when I came home from work and I’d just sleep forever but I’ve stopped doing that cuz that’s bad…

  5. darla Says:

    Are you still doing this? Girl I need me a plan…just joined a gym to get some excercise..I drive a bus, no excercise doing that..and growing..I need to be more healthy..I am loving reading your blog.. ♥

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