Not particularly because of the new year but because of the new revelations God revealed to me at this conference I went to in Atlanta with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship USA called Atlanta ’08 n647092064_1766200_8766

I promise I will give a full run down and recap of the conference very soon after I process it fully 🙂 But I thought I’d dedicate my first post of the New Year to a cause not of my own. A blogging friend of mine named NorEaster was given a vision by God to begin this series called Storm Stories.

stormstorieslogo (click on the picture for original inspiration blog)

So pretty much the run down is people guest blog on his site for a day sharing their testimony of how God brought them through a storm and I must say just reading them has been such a blessing for me and we’re only 5 days in. I’m signed up to share my story later in the month but I think people would benefit from reading others’ stories as well. So I really encourage you to go visit the site and read the stories.