… you see someone from a far and think its someone you know so you yell to them only to find when they get closer its not them………..

Yeah me too… only what’s worse is when the person doesn’t leave it @ a mistake and tries to continue the conversation…

So first it was a bad situation to begin with because I was walking in my neighborhood LOL… sad to say this always produces problems for me… even in broad day light

Anyway my 15 year old (step) brother goes to school down the street and he lives with his dad (not my dad) and I haven’t talked to him or his mom (my step-mom or exstep mom???) for a long time… He sometimes comes to visit this lil girl across the street from my house that goes to his school and I always miss him. I’ve been hoping I’d run into him so I could get his mom’s number (obviously his mom and my dad split up… lot of family drama)…

Well from afar I see 2 boys in what looks like school uniforms with bookbags on their backs walking towards me. Now I didn’t automatically assume this was my brother (I’m not THAT naive). One of the boys yells to me… something… not hello not even hey… So of course I ignore him… BUT he keeps calling out… Here is how the convo went…

Him: You can’t speak?

Me: (because now I think its my brother) OH well I didn’t know what you were saying. What are you doing walking the street anyway, aren’t you supposed to be in school? What’s your number I need to call your mother but I have to go.

Him: School?

Me: (Realizes its not my brother but still think he’s a lil boy who should be in school) Oh I thought you were someone else… You have a bookbag on like you should be in school… sorry (I called him a lil boy in there somewhere but I don’t remember)

Him: (trying to catch up with me to get closer) Lil boy? What makes you think I’m a lil boy. How old are you?

Me: Prolly older than you. I thought you were my brother. I’m sorry I have to go.

Him: Wait how old are you. Why you call me a lil boy? I’m 33.

Me: (trying to get away walking as fast as I can not looking back) I thought you were my brother… I’m 22.

Him: Well since you’re 22 can I call you?

Me: (Now horrified because he caught up to me and is like right next to me and his friend is calling him to leave me alone making me worry since he was worried) Absolutely not… bye

Thankfully I got to cross the street and get away from him and people were around… not like last weeks episode which I will not discuss