I must say… I suck @ blogging… Its pretty much out of sight out of mind for me. I used to have wordpress as a homepage but then I downloaded a new internet server and I can only have one homepage instead of the 5 I had before. Why am I making excuses?? I don’t know… they’re unnecessary and unimportant… I’m trying to blog on here more and again and that’s all that matters…

So in reading my old blog updates I just laugh because things have constantly been changing… My schedule has changed… my life has changed… everything has changed well cept one thing… I still don’t have a job but that’ll change soon too 🙂

  • So yeah I’m now a part time student @ Bowie… currently taking 2 classes… Voice and Piano…
  • My major… yes it has changed yet again…. to Music LOL
  • I’m only in one class @ DDI which is Warfare Weapons on Monday nights
  • I’ve joined Excellence Christian Church (click on the link under church and organizations) and I’m excited about it

I think that’s all for now… I’ve been truly enjoying life and its been a journey but I finally feel I’m right where God wants me to be for this season in my life. Even with the things that I feel aren’t going my way…

In other News… I love astronomy… like as a kid I had my grandmother (who is now gone to be with the Lord) buy me this Big telescope set. I would sneak outside @ night and try to look @ the constellations. Now because I lived in an urban area I saw maybe one star if I was lucky enough… I was always OVERLY excited to visit Owens B. Science Center to go into the dome to have them point out constellations to us. Like I think I was the only one in my class amazed and I didn’t even really fully understand then just the vastness of God… I just knew that it was simply amazing.. especially to think that because we’re constantly moving and the stars are constantly moving and are so big and so far away that where we see them today… isn’t where they were even a few days ago… Mind blowing right??? LOL… So take this for cake… so we know that in the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth… wait I’m just getting so overwhelmed right now that I can’t even do it justice… Just watch the videos @ the bottom… and know that God is WAY WAY WAY bigger than we can ever imagine… and yet… He loved US so much… that He took the time to come down into human form… and become as small as US… JUST to save US…

Oh yeah btw… @ Fall Conference there was this BEAUTIFUL night where the clouds were gone and the sky was clear and we saw all the stars in the sky and even saw them twinkle and it was just so awesome and amazing and wonderful.

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