So I was thinking about my life goals and how they are very ambitious… I found myself saying I doubt I’ll complete all of them…

Goals within the next 5 years:
Develop healthy platonic relationships (preferably ongoing within the next 4-5 months)
Move out of my mother’s house (preferably within the next 8 months to a year)
Get out of debt (preferably within the next year)
Do a summer missions project in Cairo (2-3 years?)
Do a summer missions project with CTI Ministries (1-2 years)
Make use of all the pages in my Passport and travel the world (life long)
Remaster my instrumental abilities in piano and guitar (this year)
Own an Acura for my vehicle

Goals within the next 10 years:
Open my own non-profit dance studio
Get my Master’s if not Doctorate degree or go to Seminary
Become a wife and mother of at least 5 children including a set of twins
Adopt needy teenagers who has no family or no one to love them
Write my book

Fulfill my God given purpose in life (this is an ongoing forever process… the main reason I live)

I happened to read this entry from one of my godly blog feeds on hope Consider Hope
Last night at bible study we studied Deut. 8 where Moses is reminding Egypt of God’s covenant with their forefathers about the promised land.  It was really good to remember that God does not back down on his promises… even when we do stuff that would make us so unworthy of the promise that we know is wrong… In the blog it talks alot about how hoping in the future… I’ll be one to admit sometimes (ok… alot of the time) I look at present circumstances and can’t muster up any hope that things will be as God promised… I know… How dare I not put all my hope and faith in God’s promises… The Deut. passage said continuously remember the Lord your God… and what he’s done for you… and what he’s promised you… quoting a quote from the Consider Hope blog:

“Only the lenses of faith can put suffering into perspective.  When faith enables us to remember how God has redeemed portions of our past, our anticipation of when and how he will redeem us in the future increases.  … Gabriel Marcel defined hope as “a memory of the future.”

In remembering this I can be sure and know that I will be able to achieve all my goals because the word says “For the Lord God is a sun and shield; The Lord will give grace and glory; No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly. O Lord of hosts, Blessed is the man who trusts in You!” ~Psalm 84:11-12