I love that I have the power of persuasion! I know that’s kinda weird but it gives me joy in getting things I want.

Me (like a million times in the past few weeks): Oooo I want that new Martha Munizzi CD! I love that CD! I want it!
Mother (on her way home from a conference where Martha Munizzi was in attendance): Did you say that you wanted the new Martha Munizzi CD?
Me: YES!!! Did you get it????
Mother: I was thinking about getting it…
Me: You’re lying! You were just at the conference and she was there. The CD was probably on sale.
Mother: hahaha

As I write this blog I am currently listening to my new CD đŸ™‚ and it’s awesome just as I expected!
I want to be like that with sharing the gospel though. I should have just as much enthusiasm in saying “You’ve got to check Jesus out! He’s the BEST thing that ever happened to me.” And then after people get saved be just so elated and delighted and say “It’s so awesome! Just as I expected for you!” I mean we I put so much focus in somethings sometimes that I forget where I should be exerting my real energy and excitement. I mean if I’m going to be an example I have to show people that being a christian isn’t boring or dreary… because it definitely isn’t! I mean there are endless things to do as a christian that is just as fun even if not more fun than the bad things we did in the world. So yeah I’m excited!!!! Can you tell??? I just gotta go tell someone like Ezekiel “Fire! Shut up in my bones!”