So its pretty evident that people know that prayer changes things. How do I know? Because 1) there are so many versions of the song Prayer Changes Things on youtube by various artists ranging from top gospel artists like Deitrick Haddon to very secular artists like R. Kelly…  2) when a tragic situation occurs everyone turns to prayer evidence all the groups on facebook about praying for Virginia Tech, 9/11, and Hurricane Katrina victims… 3) Our first response when something is going wrong is “Lawd, Please HEEEELLLPPP me!!!!”

So there’s definitely nothing wrong with asking for help when it is needed… or acknowledging the one that can help (God)… What concerns me is if these are the only times we pray. Pastor Russell of Excellence Christian Church, broke it down tonight in bible study about how we ought to pray when things are going well. This is evident from Mark 1:45 where Jesus after teaching and performing many miracles and casting out demons gets up early in the morning and goes into the wilderness to pray. Jesus wasn’t going through a tough time. He didn’t particularly need anything from God (in the sense of what we often go to Him for)… He went to pray to commune with God, to be with Him, to talk to Him like we do each other. Pastor Russell encouraged us to pray when things go well… I would go as far to say that prayer makes things go well! He said something that really blessed me.

Time in prayer will cause us to see the same situation differently.
Miracles and Tragedies come from the same source… you’re presented with a problem that seems unbearable. The difference between the outcomes is YOUR REACTION!!!

Can he get an AMEN?! Besides that Paul tells us straight up in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 to “Pray without ceasing.” Not when there’s a tragedy in the land, or when things are difficult for you to handle. But when you’re “out of debt and all your needs are met” Hallelujah! When it seems like you don’t have a care in the world… Pray thanksgiving unto God because it didn’t have to be that way… you didn’t have to be saved… He didn’t have to die… He doesn’t have to daily extend grace unto us… but He does and I’m so thankful. So yes, Praise Him in your Storm but also while you’re chillin @ the beach 😉