So I woke up today in an extra good mood. I think I’ll credit restarting blogging because that’s the only change that was made.

Writing does relieve stress so I’ve resolved to try to do it more as not to go insane.

So someone commented on my blog today even though I hadn’t posted anything in almost 3 years. This led me to come back onto my blog and read all the old entries and assess how much my life has changed since then and boy has it ever.

One thing that stood out to me the most about my posts was how close I seemed to be with God at the time. It seems genuine enough but that as been a journey in itself as of late.

So jus a few updates since the last time I’ve blogged which was a long while ago:

-I got a car for my 23rd bday, it’s since died and I got a new car which I have a lovely car payment for
-I did finally graduate from college (Fall 2011) with my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration Management
-I left my church and God in 2010 to live my life my way, went back and recently left again for similar yet different reasons (I have a new church, well kinda)
-I haven’t found a job in my field that I’d like to work however I have one that pays the bills
-My life has been “wonderful” (full of tests and trials)

So I’m going to try and blog more because of that last one to try and find a better way to handle life’s struggles than how I have been. I’ll give more details about certain things later if I’m so led.

I haven’t been on here in a min… this, or twitter… FB consumes my life… I need to update more but I don’t have a cpu right now… boo

So I told you I joined twitter recently… well a blogging friend of mine does this thing where she updates you weekly on the happenings @ twitter just in case you missed something… and I think it’s pretty cool… so I’m going to do it too… of course it’ll just be the important stuff I think you need to know 🙂 – Behold my Strawberry Deliciousness… It makes everything right in the world  

It’s official… I’m addicted to twitter! It consumes my thoughts. How scary. – The store I went to didn’t have any pop tarts so I settled for these

Spring Break- when sleeping in means waking up @ 8 am instead of 4 am…

Playing Bejeweled on tv!!!! You wish you were so cool…     

Learn to love appropriately. You need to use your head and test your feelings so that your love is sincere and intelligent, not sentimental gush

@mandyconforth @machroi @dg4G I stand firm on my undying love for pop tarts… and of course the person who started this 45 min ago is gone

@inprogresspop tarts are my oreos… and I think you just killed them for me… 😦

Might be going to Disneyland this summer… West Coast here I come!!!!

I just uploaded a video of my bro on youtube see internet! (cuz its not TV LOL)

I’ve resorted to nail biting… I guess its better than thumb-sucking


What time do you have to get up in the morning for work or school?
What do you think about dating vs. courting… refer to article (relevance Philippians verse on love)
What is the best vacation spot?

I have a twitter account now and its actually quite fun…

So tell me if you have twitter so I can follow you! 🙂

So I’m here in blogging land… I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to really write anything… plus the things I want to write about are so deep everytime I sit to write I get lost in my thoughts and end up saving the draft all over again… no lie I have like 3 drafts of blogs with plenty more sitting in my head waiting to come out… so I’ll be back once I get my thoughts together… I promise! Oh and I am reading your blogs 😉 I just also start to comment and get distracted and forget what I’m writing… yeah a mess I know…

So I just got back from a conference studying Acts and just seeing how on fire for God the early church was right when they received the Holy Spirit and I am excited.

I was just watching the 700 Club (yes I’m old… but it came on after Secret Life on ABC Family and I didn’t have my remote on-hand) and saw this one report of a Iraqi Christian who was tortured for 7 months for his conversion to Christianity from Islam… Everyday he endured gruesome torture of eclectic shock, beating, and much more… and you know what he said constantly to the men who was doing this to him? Jesus loves you!!! And you know what else… he smuggled a bible in the prison and EVANGELIZED to the very guards who would beat him every day and got 4 to convert!!!

This is just awesome and yet so convicting… He allowed the Holy Spirit to work through him the whole time he was in that prison… never backing down on his proclamation of Christ… yet I have crippling fear to proclaim Jesus as the only way to God because I might be rejected or might offend… The early Christians all died proclaiming Christ… from persecution… are you willing to do the same???